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Thanks for coming in FOREVHAIR dimension!

Once you receive the hair extensions hold in your hands the forevhair business card, send us a picture of your new look and become the protagonist of our social networks pages through images, comments and feedback!

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English here. Per avere un effetto naturale è importante che i capelli siano 100% naturali, ecco il risultato firmato Forevhair!

Forevhair extensions ricce 16″ per Madina!

Puoi applicare le extensions forevhair anche con le clip, ecco il risultato!

Super ricci forevhair, super volume!

Di nuovo Francesca, questa volta le sue extensions verdi sono mosse! Con Forevhair puoi!

2 confezioni di forevhair per un look semplice e allo stesso tempo elegante.

Arielle, co fondatrice di Forevhair Extensions e cliente numero 1!

Forevhair Extensions – 2 confezioni da 20″ – Noon Collection

Adja indossa i ricci noon, per questo effetto 3 confezioni

per un look ordinato e semplice bastano 2 confezioni di Forevhair extensions noon – lisce 20″

Vuoi cambiare colore? Le nostre extensions sono decolorabili e tingibili, come potete vedere dal risultato di Francesca!

Extensions lucenti, capelli 100%naturali: ecco il risultato!

Beautiful smile and beautiful hair! thanks Charlene! #forevhairextensions

Tnx to La Diablita for this pic! Just amazing!

In love with grey hair!!!! big up Maia!!!

Madalena you are so beautiful! thanks baby!!! #forevhairextensions

Kira looks so so so WOW with her new #forevhairextensions !!!

Cornrows and curly hair for Jahji! Go and boss Forevhair in all di dancehall stages baby! <3

Euphrasie we love your extra long look!!!!!!!!!!!! #princess wearing #forevhair

Adja is even more pretty with her new curly Forevhair extensions! Her look is absotutely natural!

New soft and curly hair? With Forevhair is possible! Thank you Serena for this lovely smile! 😉

Milen and her new curly Forevhair extensions – Noon Collection! super pretty!!!

Sharon, your look is just perfect! we love your outfit and you Forevhair extensions! 😉

Julienne changed the Forevhair extensions color, half brown and half blond..with forevhair is possible!

Anna we love ur supercurly look by Forevhair Midnight!!!!! in love with afro style!!!

Samira looks so so pretty with her new curly Noon Forevhair extensions! we love the color too!!!

Francesca and her extralong new forevhair extensions / curly / noon collection looks so natural and pretty!

Aicha’s new look!!! Thanks baby, amazing look! 😉 #forevhair

Kimberly looks perfect with the super quality straight hair of the Midnight Collection!

Long and Curly hairstyle for Jole, Noon Collection by Forevhair!

B E L L I S S I M A!

Lea is wearing 3 suuuuper long Forevhair Extensions bundles, 30″ (76 cm) Noon Collection. <3

3 confezioni di Forevhair Noon Collection + closure + tinta color marsala = un effetto da favola!!!

Abeba is wearing the Curly Forevhair extensions – Noon Collection , and she is gorgeous in this natural look!

An amazing picture of Saba in Miami wearing 3 packs+closure of the MIDNIGHT collection from Forevhair Extensions. Amazing beauty!

Khady is our firs Forevhair NOON customer!!! Pretty curly hair for a super beautiful woman!

The pretty Aicha is wearing our Straight FOREVHAIR extensions , curly styled and in natural color.. so beautiful!!!

Giulia is wearing our FOREVHAIR weft hairextensions, and she just decided to come out with straight, ironed hair.. good job baby! 😉

Stefania decided to turn red, and she says she’ s in love with the hair texture and her new color!!! We love u too :*

LadyRegine wears Forevhair Extensions straight in natural color, 20 inches.

Thank you baby, you are super pretty!!!

Thank you Kimberly, you are BEAUTIFUL with our Forevhair extensions! The color looks perfect!!!

Federica is the first brave customer that sent us her picture in her new Forevhair look! Thank you, you look marvelous!